Everyone has been patiently waiting for it the 2nd season of “Sex Education” to come out. Guess what? Looks like their prayers have been answered.

Netflix has just released its first ever trailer for the upcoming sequel of the famed teen comedy recently. And apparently, one particular scene has managed to catch everyone’s attention for the wrong reasons.

Source: Netflix

Based on the screenshot above, the word cum has been compared to Korean food kimchi. As you may know, the famous traditional side-dish is considered as a huge symbol of pride for natives.


As a result, many fans have been giving negative reactions and argued that the popular streaming platform was being racist by making use of the local delicacy to describe such offensive word.

To top it off, the sexual term has also been completely blurred on the Korean translations, adding more insult to the injury. Check out some of the comments that we’ve found on Twitter here:


Additionally, feel free to check out some of the highlighted comments by South Korean netizens below:

  • “The fact that they removed that line just for Korean audiences means they knew it is offensive and racist, and they knew we’d be offended listening to it.”
  • “Is this a joke Netflix? You just got rid of the translation in the Korean version and that’s it?”
  • “The problem is the negative connotation of saying it smells like Kimchi.” 

“Sex Education” season 2 will be available for streaming on 17th January (Friday). For those interested, watch the full teaser clip here:

Sources: Jazmine Media, AllKpop.

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