Fans of the local favourite Butter Chicken rejoice, as local restaurant franchise, The Chicken Rice Shop, has brought back their mouth-watering Grilled Butter Chicken for a limited time!

Available from now until 17th January in both meal set or a la carte form, the franchise’s boneless Grilled Butter Chicken is certainly a dish you need to keep an eye out for. However, a quick look at the menu will prove that they’re more than just chicken and rice.


Serving a variety of local favourites, the restaurant that started in 2000 has always prioritised customer feedback. This has allowed them to stay one step ahead of the curve, opening up over 100 outlets around the country just to keep up with ongoing demands.

For a company that prides themselves on serving quality dishes with affordable prices, it’s hard to go wrong when you order their signature Chicken Rice. There’s a misconception though cause many patrons assume that the franchise only serves Chicken Rice when in actuality other items like Curry Laksa Noodles and Wan Tan Mee are also served here.

Chicken Rice Shop

Going back to the Butter Chicken, there are three choices available for customers itching to try out the dish which is the 1,2 or 4 person(s) meal set. The following dishes are also included in the set depending on your order:

  • Quarter Chicken (roast/steamed/soy sause)
  • Nyonya Pai Tee
  • Penang Rojak
  • Penang Famous Chicken Rolls
  • Pak Choy with Oyster Sause
  • Spicy Savory Ladies Fingers
  • Sai To Fish Ball Soup

Of course, rice and soup are provided along with the Grilled Butter Chicken in the set.


Butter Chicken

One thing to note is that everything we tried were on the sweet side of things. One dish we particularly enjoyed was the Spicy Savoury Ladies Fingers that is not too spicy but have just the right kick. The Nyonya Pai Tee was also a nice welcome to our meal.


For the Grilled Butter Chicken itself, it was good. It’s hard to go wrong with butter after all. We also liked that the meat dish is completely boneless. This allows for a much better dining experience.

The other noteworthy addition to the Grilled Butter Chicken being reintroduced to the menu, is the addition of Boba Drinks. This drink options include Famous Kuching 3 Layer Tea with Boba, White Coffee with Boba, Teh Tarik with Boba, Hainan Kopi with Boba. It’s an explosion of sugary sweetness that rushes into your mouth, which somehow is surprisingly pleasant though in a sip instead of a gulp.

Overall, our experience at The Chicken Rice Shop was actually pretty good. The meals will definitely have your stomachs filled and it’s perfect for a family outing. There are few restaurants that can match the price and food found at The Chicken Rice Shop.


Butter Chicken

For more information about the limited time offer, please visit the franchise official website here.

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