It seems that the boba tea craze shows no signs of stopping at the moment. With outlets debuting and opening one by one proves that the boba tea trend is getting stronger now. The trend indeed has its own loyal fanbase, commonly among younger locals living in the Klang Valley area, since most of the boba tea outlets opt for those areas to start up their business.

Apart from the thirst quenching drinks, fans also draw their attention to other things like packaging or display as well. The more aesthetic the visuals of the drinks, the more Insta-worthy the drinks will turn out. In case if you’re new to the trend, no worries because we’ve got you covered. We have compiled 12 interesting boba tea spots that you might want to check out.

1. Tealive

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For beginners, Tealive would be the best choice to kick start your tastebuds. Ranging price from as low as RM7 to RM8. Tealive’s milk tea is indeed a must-try for new boba tea fans. The most recommended drink to try would be their Signature Milk Tea with Brown Sugar for sweet toothed fans or Original Pearl Milk Tea for less sweetened drinks fans.


To get to outlets nearby you, click here.

2. Gongcha (貢茶)

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Like Tealive, Gongcha also offers a more budget friendly drinks that are suitable for new boba tea fans. One of the drinks to recommend would be their signature Pearl Milk Tea. The freshly brewed milk tea combined with the explosion of the bubble pearls is indeed a must-try for fans.

To get there, click here to search for any stores nearby you.

3. The Alley

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The signature deer-printed cup is no stranger among boba tea fans. The most famous drinks that the Taiwanese brand offer including drinks such as their signature Deerioca Fever drink (milk or soy milk), Royal No. 9 Milk Drink and also The Alley Trio Milk Drink.

To check on their store nationwide to get to know any outlets near you, do visit their website for more info.

4. Xing Fu Tang (馬來西亞幸福堂)

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One of the most popular boba tea shops today, they are known for their distinct way in preparing their signature drink. Aside from using 100% brown sugar for their drink, without any preservatives or additives, the top of the drinks are also usually torched at the top for that extra sweet taste for the drink.

Do check out their Facebook page and Instagram for latest updates.

5. KOI Thé 

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Their newest addition, the while “Petite Pearls” is a definite must try among boba tea fans.The tiny snow-ball like bubble pearls are made from natural ingredients and are easier to chew compared to regular sized pearls. On top of that, their hand-made drinks also mixes well with the while Petite Pearls!


Curious on the taste yet? If yes than check out their Facebook page here for more info on their outlets and also other drinks offered.

6. Moojicha (木子茶)

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Known among boba tea fans for their Kao Ne Ne drink, the drink features their signature handmade white crystal bubbles drowned in milk tea topped with black sugar torched for a hint of smoky flavour and aroma. Interesting, huh?

For more info, visit their Facebook page here.

7. Cha Wan Jia (茶丸家)

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Apart from the drinks, the brand’s signature boba pearls also receives the same spotlight as well. You can find many unique pearl flavours here including dragon fruit pearls and rainbow pearls. Additionally, the combination of their signature Sakura pearls with Jasmine flavoured green tea is also not to be missed.

More info on their official website and also their Facebook page.

8. Kylin Sugar (麒麟堂马来西亚)

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The boba tea brand is considered different from other tea brands. This is because their signature milk teas are prepared with a special ingredient. The brown sugar milk tea is prepared by torching cheese foam on top of the drink, this is done to enhance the flavour of the tea. Another interesting point is the gummy bear-shaped bobas which is distinct from the round shaped boba drink fans are used to.

For more details, check out their Facebook page to get latest news and updates on the brand.

9. Tiger Sugar (马来西亚老虎堂)

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The Taiwanese boba tea brand is famous for their signature tiger-striped milk teas. One of their signature drinks, Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse is made with 4 types of Taiwanese brown sugar syrup, fresh milk, mini bobas that are cooked in brown sugar water, topped with thick creamy mousse to add on the kick in the drink.

Do make sure to visit their Instagram and Facebook page for more details including their store outlets and also promotions.

10. Chatto (茶社)

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The Johor-born milk tea shop offers a unique Japanese style milk teas. Their base for their signature milk teas are imported from countries including Japan, Taiwan and China. One of their main attractions would be the Charcoal Pearl Oolong Drink. The charcoal in the tea is beneficial to help detox your body, apart from relieving indigestions, bloated tummy and also hangovers.

Do check out their website for more details on the menu and also their outlets.

11. Instea

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The milk tea shop is famous for its signature crème brûlée milk tea. Fans of boba milk tea can now indulge in their favourite milk tea with bubble pearls along with mouth-watering crème brûlée on top of the drink. Apart from milk teas, their fruit teas are a must-add in the list too.

For more info, check out their Instagram and Facebook page.

12. Yumcha My 

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The milk tea shop has been catching fans’ attention with their unique and colourful ombre coloured presentation of their drinks. Additionally, the milk teas are also made from natural ingredients as well, along with handmade pearls that suits the delicious taste of the milk teas made from genuine ingredients and fresh milk.

For more info, check out their Facebook page and Instagram right now!

So, there you have it! Which one’s your favourite so far? Tell us your thoughts.

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