Are y’all familiar with the ketchup brand called Aminah Hassan? Back in the day, the local sauce label was a must-have item in many if not most households in Malaysia.

These days though, the product is rarely seen in-stores, which in turn has raised everyone’s speculations on the brand’s whereabouts.


Word on the street has it that the brand was actually owned by a foreign enterprise and was sold to another company after the passing of the owners Hajjah Aminah and Haji Hassan. As a result, the Aminah Hassan brand was forced to close their business due to its lukewarm reactions among buyers.

In response, the company has came out with a post on their official Facebook page to clarify the real status of their product while denying false allegations. They informed netizens that they were only on a short break from operations, adding that the company was never purchased by any outside parties.

Feel free to read their lengthy statement here:

Today, the business is run by Hajjah Aminah and Haji Hassan’s children. It is understood that the Aminah Hassan sauce brand is currently available for purchase in selected locations only.

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