Last August, Marvel announced they were hard at work developing 3 new MCU series for Disney+. One of those series in question will feature the iconic superhero, Moon Knight.

While we’re all excited to see the mentally unstable hero being portrayed on screen, there has yet to be an actor officially cast to play the character. That being said, the studio might already have a name in mind with Daniel Radcliffe being linked for the role.


For those unfamiliar, just know that Moon Knight is a Batman-esque superhero named Marc Spector. He has several split personalities lies and is known to received his power from the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu. This makes the character quite the intimating role to take, as the actor would need to switch between multiple personalities at any given scene.

Considering the demand, the “Harry Potter” star might be a good fit. Many agree that the 30-year-old, who has managed to display a variety of roles throughout his career, from a literal dead body in “Swiss Army Man” to an anxiety-ridden man in “Guns Akimbo”, is a good candidate. It should be noted that Radcliffe’s mother is Jewish, a heritage that is shared by the comic book character.

Source: MCU Direct

Other names that has been linked to play the ex-mercenaries include, Keanu Reeves, with Kevin Feige having said that Marvel wish to cast the actor in some capacity for MCU projects. However, considering that Reeves is already 54-year-old, it’s seems very unlikely that he will be given the part, especially since Marvel reportedly wish to keep Moon Knight around for a few years.

So how do you feel about the Brit getting the role of Marvel character in the MCU?

Source: Comic Book Movie.

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