Taiwanese singer-songwriter, David Tao (陶喆), turned 50 this year on 11th July after welcoming his baby on 14th February, with wife Penny Chiang. For most people, this would have marked a time for them to settle down, however, recent reports have suggested that Tao had other plans.

According to Xuan, a series of pictures have come to light recently, showing the singer partying with a few attractive ladies until early in the morning. The reports even stated that he took one of the girls home.

The photos were reportedly taken on 28th November 2019, around 9pm. The songwriter was spotted picking up 3 to 4 attractive young women presumably to go out and have fun with. They later arrived at a KTV (Karaoke establishment), where they spent around 2 hours before leaving, with one of the girls getting back into the car.

If the reports turn out to be true, this will not be the first time the “I’m Ok” singer cheated on his wife. The singer once had an affair with Ada Yang Zi Qing, an artist manager, who he first met in a post-concert dinner in 2010. The affair continued even after his marriage with Chiang in 2014. Unfortunately for the Golden Melody award winner, the affair was cut short after Yang revealed the affair via a series of WeChat screenshots.

The “Bastard” (“王八蛋”) singer later held a press conference, apologising to his wife and family for what he had done. “Penny, Father-in-law, Mother-in-law, please forgive me. Mum, I let you down. But thank you for not leaving me and for loving me. I made a mistake, I am very sorry and I’m very ashamed of what I did,” the singer said.


However, the “Walk On” singer has since came out to deny the cheating rumours. His manager, Quoting, has even told Chinese website Sina.com, that both Tao and wife Chiang was attending a friend gathering earlier. Quo added that the girls in the photos was part of those at the gathering that asked to be taken home since they drank alcohol earlier.

“Jiang had returned home earlier to look after their child. Mr Tao was just acting on the request from the gathering organiser to send all attendees home as they had drank alchohol earlier,” “The Promise” singer’s manager was reported to have said.

Source: Straits Times

It should be noted that Taiwan is only one of two countries in the world where adultery is criminalised.

Source: Xuan. Featured Image: Xuan.

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