Another day another surprise from McDonald’s as the fast food giant has announced the return of their iconic Twister Fries.

Usually introduced during Chinese New Year, the Twister Fries have always been a fan-favourite even in the early days of it’s inception. There’s just something special about the curly shape fries that made people demand more of the salty treat.


The Twister Fries’ return was announced earlier in the week (4th December 2019) via the McDonald’s social media page, where they uploaded a picture of their iconic fries getting a perm. Talk about creative marketing.

Currently, not a lot of information is being attached with the return of Twister Fries. This means that it would be hard to say whether the return would be made permanent or be a limited time offer. Rest assured, if any information do surfaced about the beloved McDonald’s treat we will sure to update it here, stay tuned.

We know how much people love the McDoanld’s snack, and we do too, so welcome back Twister Fries! We hope that this time you would stay a little longer.

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