There’s a new fad going on over at the United States where people are exposing their bums completely bared under the sun.

This new fad is called perineum sunning, and it didn’t take long before Hollywood’s elites joined in. One of which, was apparently Thanos himself, Josh Brolin.

Source: Variety

Taking to his Instagram account, the 51-year-old actor shared his unpleasant experience performing the fad. Advising people to not made the same mistake he did while also sharing away a very NSFW photo. In the post he joked, Tried this perineum sunning that I’ve been hearing about and my suggestion is DO NOT do it as long as I did.” 


He continued with, “My pucker hole is crazy burned and I was going to spend the day shopping with my family and instead I’m icing and using aloe and burn creams because of the severity of the pain. I don’t know who the f**k thought of this stupid shit but f**k you nonetheless. Seriously.”

He then added several hilarious hashtag to describe his current predicament. The hashtag include #blackholefriday, #blackholesun, #severeperineumburns, #santamonicafiredepartment, and of course #a**holecare“. 

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This lead to fellow “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds, 43, burst out laughing in the comment section. He responded with Bwahahahahahahha!!!!!on the post, showing that he was indeed humoured by the story. “The sun ain’t supposed to shine there,” someone else commented.

The fad was popularised by Californian influencer Meagan, who went viral after posting several picture of herself in the nude practicing the fad. She said that her morning ritual of perineum sunning is the key to better sleep, increased energy and a higher sex drive. However, doctors have since cautioned people from copying this action.

Josh Brolin
Source: Access

In any case, it good to see that the two stars are very much still close buddies with each other. And we wish Brolin all the best, while recovering from his burned bumhole.

Source: Metro.

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