Uh oh! We have received some bad news for customers who have purchased their items using the Taobao (淘宝网) app recently. Apparently, it is most likely that buyers will end up loosing the purchases.

This is because a cargo ship carrying over 879 tons of 11.11 sale goods was involved in a collision with another ship that happened near the Fuzhou City, China, as reported by Mothership.sg.

Source: China Press

As a result, orders are unlikely to be delivered to customers, as all the items had reportedly sank along with the cargo. The unfortunate incident happened on 20th November (Wednesday) at around 9pm.


According to E.T News and CGTN (via Mothership.sg), 2 of the ship crews were reportedly found dead. Thankfully, 7 other crew members suffering from injury were rescued and were taken to the hospital. 

As a result of the unfortunate incident, Taobao has stepped in to clarify that customers will get refund on the missing items. However, refunds are only available exclusively on the Alipay (支付宝) platform for now. Mothership.sg further added that this incident marked the first time “Taobao has failed to ship its items due to an accident.”


For those of you have ordered goods from Taobao, do make sure to double check the status of your items to avoid unwanted circumstances.

Sources: Mothership.sg, VOCKET. / Featured Image: Mashable SEA.

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