We finally got to witness the final large scale tour of the legendary Hong Kong singer Karen Mok (莫文蔚) that took place on 30th of November 2019. Named “The Ultimate Karen Mok Show”, the concert was packed to the brim with fans at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil.

Organised by StarPlanet, fans that arrived early for the show were greeted with a pre-recorded video by Mok herself. In it, she lay out the ground rules for the concert – things like smoking and drinking alcohol were a big no no in the arena. However, she did invite audience to dance along if they feel like it during the show.


At the beginning of the concert, fans was treated with a performance by a 19-year-old girl from our own shore. Although, she may be Malay (meaning that Cantonese isn’t her first language) she still managed to sing her Cantonese song beautifully as if she’s a native herself.

Then in a roar of cheers, the main act of the show appeared on stage after a short introduction video. The Hong Kong star was fearless in her opening act of “Let There Be Light” (“如初之光”).

After a few track, the star then went for a quick change of clothes as the crowd was entertained by the dancer’s dance-off routine. She then reappeared on stage in a sparkling white dress, singing her single “Twelves Floor” (“十二楼”).

Each song transitioned beautifully on to the next, as the 49-year-old took to the piano on stage for her next song “Overcast” (“阴天”). The crowd was floored by her act as she slowly made her way on top of the piano. What’s followed was another round of cheers as she continued on with her next song “Lonely Lover” (“寂寞的恋人啊”).

Taking some time off her songs, she asked the crowd whether they were enjoying themselves. This resulted in them responding with glee as she asked them to join her for the next song, “Growing Fond Of You” (“慢慢喜欢你”), which the fans gladly obliged.

There weren’t just Mandarin songs that was present in her concert, as she showcased her multi-lingual talent with her own rendition of “Close To You”. She then proceeded by waving at her fans that earned her cheers that can be heard from the heavens. The crowd then followed along as they sang her song, “Love” (“爱情”), with her.


The screams only got louder as the night went on. She brought up the fact that she’s only making her debut here in Malaysia despite her 26 years in the music business. Thus, giving her more reasons to churn out more songs for the night as she invited the crowd to join in on “Outside World” (“外面的世界”).

The singer-actress also showed her Hong Kong roots by performing her Cantonese track “The Way You Make Me Feel”. However, the performances of “Fates of Half a Lifetime” (“半生缘”) and “He Doesn’t Love Me” (“他不爱我”) swept us off our feet, as she was able to truly show her talents that make her the legendary singer that she is.

In need of a break following some powerful acts, audiences were introduced to some martial art inspired dance performance. Mok later returned to the stage with another instrument. This time it was a traditional one – Guzhang. We got to see her more patriotic side with “Lifetime Love” (“一生所爱”) and “Love And Loyal” (“情与义”).

After a few more stellar hits from the Hong Kong icon, the crowd was greeted with a video akin to a credit sequence. In it, the members on display were all in their football jersey as they introduced themselves as team Ultimate. They then walked onto the stage in the same jersey, live, as Mok gave another round of introduction for her crew.

She also took the time to thank others that weren’t on stage, such as the show’s director Alice. At the same time, she thanked the crowd for coming all the way to her show. She gave a special shout out to Datuk Jimmy Choo, the renowned shoe designer, that was also present at the show.

Other special guests that appeared for the night were two mascots – a tiger and a deer. The two were the singer’s way of announcing that she just joined MYCAT, a local conservation group, as their ambassador. Being an ambassador, she showed her charitable side by asking people to help preserve the environment and to protect the rare animals within them.

Being the crowd pleaser that she is, she decided to do a few more songs, starting with “10 Minutes Before Night” (“午夜前的十分钟”). To round it all off for the night, she ended the concert with “Suddenly” (“忽然之间”) before bidding farewell to all that came and see her.

Karen Mok

After so many years, I’ve always looked forward to do a show in Malaysia and previous organisers have also tried to organise one (concert in Malaysia). But because of various reasons it was unsuccessful. (The stars align for) this tour that I was able to come here,” she said in an interview after the concert.

She continued, “Today, the audiences’ reception was really great. We came and had this wonderful opportunity to do such an amazing show, it’s definitely worth it.”

After 40 songs, 9 (or so) costume changes, and multiple cheers, it was truly a privilege to witness the phenomenal show by the amazing Karen Mok. Till next time 😉

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