The Disney acquisition of Fox has brought along a fair number of speculation about which Fox’s owned Marvel characters will appear in the MCU first. All eyes are currently on Mr Doom himself.

According to Charles Murphy, who has a good track record about Marvel news, the studio is planning to introduce Dr Doom in the upcoming “Black Panther 2” as their main villain. Murphy also cautioned that nothing is concrete at the moment but he did hear the rumour from a reliable source.

Source: Full Circle Cinema

From what Murphy was told it seems that, “Victor Von Doom will began expanding his empire, conquering parts of Africa and, ultimately, come into conflict with the nation of Wakanda and the Black Panther.”


It should be noted that the upcoming Marvel film is still in its infancy period, as director Ryan Coogler has only just started outlining the script. However, this doesn’t mean that the main story hasn’t already been thought up beforehand with Kevin Feige calling the shots.

Source: MCU Direct

There has been numerous accounts in the comics where Doom and Panther have face-off many times, thus giving the rumour more ground to stand on.

If anything, there is no denying that seeing the Latverian ruler come up against the King of Wakanda would be a great flick. Giving a great way for Disney to introduce one of the most beloved villains in the Marvel Universe to the MCU.

This still begs the question though – wasn’t the main villain supposed to be Namor? Henry Golding and Luke Evans are among the fan favourites to take on the role.

Source: Comic Book movie.

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