Recently, a video clip showing an anonymous man giving K-Clique’s MK “the bird” during his show in Sandakan, Sabah went viral on social media, causing an uproar among the internet community.

It didn’t stop there. After the young rapper finished his performance, the individual and some of his friends continued to provoke him. As a result, the situation turned intense until the organisers and management had to interfere and calm the situation down.


As a response, MK (real name Muhammad Hairi Amin) recently came out to clarify the whole situation. According to him, he considered the incident on that day was common and normal for him. He also felt that the situation was still under control, despite the tension during the commotion.

“(The incident last Saturday) was all a misunderstanding. Maybe the guy was not really satisfied with our performance. He started to pick a fight with me while I was performing by showing his middle finger to me…but I did not took offence,” he said to mStar.

“After the show, there was a meet and greet session with the fans, and the guy still continued with his provocation until the management team as well as the organiser had to intervene. Thankfully, everything was under control and there was no unwanted situation happened. Good job to the team,” he further added in the interview.

When asked about his experience after the unexpected encounter, the “Mimpi” hit maker assured that he didn’t consider the incident as a setback for him in order to deliver a good performance for his fans.

“This is not the 1st time such incident happened, there were a few before this!” he shared, before adding, “In this case, I have to remember that I am paid to perform on stage and I have to give my full commitment to my work.”

“I just want to give my best for the crowd. It is my job to perform on stage and I will do it whole-heartedly. We cannot be overwhelmed with emotions. It is best to avoid from creating such fuss to a small matter which might result to a big loss for everyone,” said MK.

Source: Iluminasi

We couldn’t agree more with MK’s statement. Hopefully people can be more mindful of their actions and be respectful towards one and another after this.

Source: mStar.

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