Netflix, the popular streaming service is on the hunt for new markets, as they seek to gain more subscribers.

The platform is certainly facing steep increase in competition with the rise of Disney+, Amazon Prime and so on.


Being one of, if not the heaviest users of internet in the South East Asian Region, Netflix certainly has their eyes on Malaysia for a while. So after months of testing, Netflix finally released a new plan for locals – a mobile exclusive plan.

According to Netflix, Malaysia will be the first to receive the mobile plan as the other notable Asian country to receive a similar plan is India. The price of the new plan will be set at RM17/month, and will contain similar benefits of the higher tiers subscription but with a few changes.

The difference are that, users of the new plan will not be able to mirror or cast their shows to other devices, and will have a maximum resolution of 540p for their shows, for both streaming and downloads.

The plan is now available for both newcomers to the service and also to old Netflix subscribers. If you wish to subscribe or want more information about the plan, please check the official Netflix’s site here.

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