A week has passed since the tragic news of former K-Pop star Sulli (설리)’s passing. But several questions surrounding her sudden death remain unanswered.

Recently, a pair of firefighters have confessed that they have leaked the ex-f(x) member’s emergency first response reports. As a result, the two men were officially dismissed from their duties.

Source: MDN News

“We confirmed the two employees who leaked the reports on social media. And after interrogation, we have decided to dismiss them from duty,” said Lee Hyungchul, head of Gyeonggi-do Fire & Disaster Headquarters during the National Administrative Safety Committee on Friday (18th October).


“We will take the appropriate measures to strengthen security training to prevent recurrences,” Lee further added during the session.

Source: KimchiDaily

One of the firefighters, who issued a public apology on Thursday (17th October) claimed that the other guy – who was unidentified – took photos of the reports about the incident and forwarded it to a colleague.

The latter then made things worse when he/she shared the photo in a group chat. As a result, the details of the news were spread online. Feel free to check out the video below to get to know more about this case:

In response to Lee’s statement, Kwon Minhyuk – a member of the Democratic Party – commented by saying, “Strict disciplinary standards are required for special reports. There should be a harsh punishment for those who shared this information through social media as well as friends and family.”

“Leaking reports is like killing someone twice. There must be guidelines present concerning the leaking of reports. Please give a direct apology to the family members,” Kwon further added.

Kim Minki from the same political party agreed with Kwon’s point by adding, “The reports that have leaked on domestic and foreign sites were in different states to when it was posted. I feel as if they (the firefighters) didn’t think it’s a big deal for them when posting these reports online. They need to know how much pain it would have caused if these things leak.”

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Meanwhile, autopsy results revealed that Sulli’s death was not caused by foul play. In addition, drugs and toxicology tests are still pending.


Sources: Koreaboo, AsiaOne.

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