EXO’s Chanyeol lands in hot waters when an old photo of him, saluting controversial figure Lee Jong-Hyun, formerly CNBlue, resurfaced on the internet.

In the photo, you can see Chanyeol saluting his close friend Lee Jong-Hyun to what seem like as a gesture signalling that the latter might be misses during his time in Korea’s compulsory military service, back in the August 2018.


What was supposed to be a heart warming photo, turned sour as Lee Jong-Hyun was involved in the Jung Joon-Young chatroom scandal, where members would share inappropriate photos and degrading comments about women.

Though, he initially denied it, the K-pop star would later admit to have watched the videos shared in the chatroom and remarking the women in those videos. Lee Jong-Hyun was later caught in another scandal, this time with a Korean YouTuber named Park Min-jung, regarding questionable DM’s on her Instagram which set off backlashes among the community, so much so that he quit CNBlue.

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Many started to question Chanyeol’s character after the photo resurface, with many wondering how he could have been friends with someone so horrible. Netizen also claim they aren’t simply cursing Chanyeol wihout reason, as he simply deserve it for hanging around with Jong-Hyun.

On the other hand, fans of Chanyeol have come out defending the EXO star, saying that there was no proof of Chanyeol ever knowing about the groupchat. Others have also stated that just because Chanyeol might have known someone who is bad doesn’t mean that he, himself is bad by default.

Source: KoreaBoo.

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