Anyone here familiar with the viral news of a man who’s willing to sleep by the streets in Europe? It’s believed that he does so for the sake of saving money for travelling purposes.

However, his true colours recently came to light thanks to a Facebook update by a user known as Sha Ramson Abdullah. The netizen confessed that she almost became a victim of the man’s sexual pleasure back during his stint as an ustaz (Muslim male teacher) at her school. Feel free to read the post here:

According to the post, the guy was known as ‘syaikh tarekat’ (holy path leader) at the school. He’s always seen as pure and kind in front of his students. He also claimed that “all teachers are free from doing mistakes and fallacies”. He even taught his followers – especially FEMALES – that a teacher’s position is higher than of a husband’s place. Therefore, female students are expected to be obedient to the teachers.


After his actions were caught red-handed, he went down to his knees and begged to one of the girls to not bring the case to the police, as he didn’t want his parents to know what he’s been doing. The female victim eventually agreed but only for this conditions – the culprit must deactivate his Facebook account, stop being a ‘syaikh tarekat’ and halt all of his future activities.

However, his promise – that was made back in 2017 – was reportedly broken when his Facebook was seen back on track. He re-activated his account to seek some fund for him to build a ‘khanqah’ (spiritual retreat place). It’s reported that he also made use of his followers to help in collecting the money. However, the actual truth was he had to pay some debts.

Source: Gempak

The so-called “ustaz” also reportedly travels around the world to collect some money from the people around the globe, using the reason of pursuing religious studies. In addition, he claimed that he toured all over Europe for his travelogue book inspirations.

The Facebook post further added that to date, he had received up to 7 (and counting) police reports made against him for manipulation and also other cases.

Source: VOCKET

We hope that he will be punished accordingly if he’s found guilty so that others will not get deceived by his malicious tricks.


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