Dreams do come true after all – despite the different shapes and sizes.

Growing up as an amputee, voice actress and cosplayer Mandy Pursley grew up not knowing she can do more than what she has. All she had in mind was that not all people would accept her fully. As a result, she was left struggling to embrace her physical difference for quite a long time.


Things took a turn when her daughter learnt about the story of Cinderella in her school last year. At that point, Mandy has seen this as an opportunity to become a good role model for not only her daughter, but also for everyone who’s experienced the exact same situation.

In doing so, Mandy decided to celebrate her ‘difference’ by creating this stunning Cinderella-inspired ballroom costume. The interesting part is – instead of using glass slippers, she switched them to a glass arm to fit the stunning gown. In addition, her husband Ryan also made a special appearance as her real-life Prince Charming.

Check out some of their dreamlike snapshots here:

According to Mandy, she spent estimably 60-hours of her effort in working on the Disney Princess’ gown. “The dress has around $300 worth of materials. The glass arm also used a few $100 worth of materials, plus the time of the talented artist Gilbert Lozano to bring it to life!” she said in an interview.

Additionally, she also hand-crafted her husband’s head to toe Prince Charming outfit – she added that she took 30-hours to finish the costume. For those who are curious, she used her feet for support while sewing, which she described the process like “having 3 arms!”.

After photos of herself with her prince went viral, people all over the internet shared their happiness and were touched with Mandy’s life story. Most of them sent words of love and encouragement for her effort and hard work, despite being an amputee. They also praised her take on reenacting the classic Disney movie.


You ain’t seen nothing yet!

This talented bombshell also spilled that she has made a few other dresses, but she described this project as by far her most difficult one yet. “The whole concept had such special significance to me that I wanted to make sure the dress was worthy of a real princess,” she further added.

She also shared a piece of advice to anyone who’s also facing similar hardships and experience like her. She pointed out that everyone should not “be afraid to dream big and work hard to make it happen! Everyone faces some sort of challenge, but those hurdles can make us stronger and more resilient if we face them with determination and a positive attitude.”

Source: Instagram

Way to go, Cinderella! 😍

Sources: msn, Bored Panda.

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