Haneesya Hanee (full name Sharifah Haneesya Hanee Sayed Sahalan) just found herself in the middle of the spotlight yet again.

The former “Dewi Remaja” contestant posted a video on her Instagram story recently. During the 10-seconds clip, she was seen crying after knowing that a restaurant she dine in was serving shark fin soup in their menu.

Haneesya’s actions in the clip has received tons of backlash among local netizens. In this case, most of them slammed her for being a drama queen.

Additionally, an internet user was also seen poking fun at her dark skin tone. The 19-year-old model-actress has been receiving various negative remarks from fans. Check out their comments below:

As a response to the ongoing backlash, Haneesya finally came out with her explanations, “I was hanging out with my friends and ordered a regular meal we often have at the food stall. While waiting for the food to arrive, I opened the menu and I just realised that they also have shark fin soup in their menu,” she said in an interview with mStar.


“Due to the fact that I’m being overwhelmed with sadness, I decided to share a video to express my opinions and feelings. For your information, I am known as an animal lover among my close acquaintances.”

Source: Instagram

During the session, she expressed her confusion following the spread of the clip, “I didn’t know that the video went viral. I didn’t have the time to check my account. My only intention was to share it on Instagram Story with my followers.”

“Maybe because at that time I was a bit too emotional. Rest assured that it’s not an act. Whoever felt that I was overreacting, I cannot just please each and every one of you. As an animal lover, I am deeply disappointed of the menu provided by the restaurant.”

She even took to Twitter to share with her fans her shock following the news. The “Curi-Curi Cinta” actress wrote on her post, “Hahahaha why am I just finding out that the shark fin soup video went viral? And I knew about this through a phone call from a blogger. Y’all be really doing it for the clout.”

For those who might not know, Haneesya has been active in raising awareness on preserving Mother Nature on her official social media account.

Source: mStar.

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