Barbadian superstar Rihanna recently made her appearance in Seoul, South Korea to promote her new beauty cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty.

During the event, the “Umbrella” singer was able to get up close and personal with all her fans in Korea while showcased her skills by doing make-up demonstrations as well as conducting Q & A sessions with the locals.

Source: Twitter

Among the several celebrities that were in attendance, Jennie (제니) from Korean mega girl group BLACKPINK was also seen attending the show as well. Her appearance during the event has generated massive buzz in the internet world.


The 22-year-old singer-rapper – along with her friends – even took the opportunity to take a photo with the Grammy Award-winning songstress. The picture has since gone viral online among K-Fans worldwide.

Most netizens left appraising remarks towards the post, with most of them commented words of praise towards Jennie for living the good life as a Rihanna fan.

Besides that, some also pointed out hilarious remarks stating that the multi-platinum superstar’s image has overshadowed the K-Pop idol. Check out some of their comments here:

Apart from that, BLINKs (BLACKPINK stans) all over the world are putting their hopes up for a collaboration between Rihanna and the “Kill This Love” hit maker. RiRi X BP? That would be LIT!

To get you all dosed up, let’s throwback to during their pre-debut day when they did a cover dance of RiRi’s “Bitch Better Have My Money”:

Fingers crossed that we’ll be hearing good news from both RiRi and YG soon.

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