Rumour has it that Hans Zhang (張翰) and Janine Chang (張鈞甯) tying the knot soon?

The couple have been trending on Weibo with fans wanting to get to the bottom of their relationship status. While some think that the pair will get married in October, others claim that they have already signed the marriage papers.

Source: Cosmo Bride

Word caught fire after a netizen claimed that Hans and Janine visited a civil office to get their marriage license. The person also uploaded pictures from May 2018 of the A-listers on a flight to South Korea as “evidence”. Despite the questionable proof, the rumour went viral and trended on Weibo.


It clear that fans have been shipping Hans and Janine together ever since they starred alongside each other in last year’s romance drama “Here to Heart” (温暖的弦). Due to their strong chemistry and fan services during promotional tour, it’s hard to imagine as anything but a power couple.

Source: Cosmo Bride

Although neither the 34-year-old actor nor the 37-year-old actress have come forward to deny the rumour, Han’s official fan club has denied the rumours, saying that it’s all false.

Sources: Goody25, 38JieJie.

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