In our previous post, we have spilled all the details for the brand new iPhone 11 series.

Apple has been promoting several upgrades for the upcoming smartphone, including the iPhone 11 Pro as well as iPhone 11 Pro Max camera.

Source: Apple

In this case, several news outlets have put massive spotlight towards the camera layout, which is considered a departure from their previous models.


Additionally, the brand new smartphone’s camera has generated significant amount of buzz among the internet community. In case you missed the trend, some netizens have came out with a series of memes that are intended to poke fun at the brand new iPhone 11 Pro camera layout.

For those who are curious, check out 11 of these funny memes below:

1. Electric Stove


2. Fidget Spinner

3. Boba Tea

4. Shocked Emoji

5. Chicken Little Alien

6. Coconut

7. Bowling Ball

8. Electric Shaver

9. Apple Wannabe

10. 2029 iPhones

11. This Is How You Probably Look Like When Taking Photos Using The iPhone 11 Camera

We’re beyond amused with these netizens’ creative hands! Do you have any memes of the all new iPhone 11 to share? Hit us up in the comment section 😄

Source: VOCKET.

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