It’s no secret that Ruhainies is enjoying dating life with her boyfriend, Elf Johan – based on her postings on social media.

However, the lovebirds recently caused a stir in the internet world, courtesy of the celebrity’s recent post on her Twitter account.

Source: Twitter

The “Hello, Mr. Perfect!” actress posted a picture of Elf – or Mr. E in short – feeding her with a plate of nasi kandar inside his car which netizens believed is a Ferrari.


“I was hungry but I didn’t want to eat at the stall because I was messy. Last-last he ordered nasi kandaq and brought in the plate and fed me inside the car hahahahaha,” she wrote on the caption, before adding, “OMG he can be so funny sometimes. How can I not love this guy.”

The tweet was met with massive backlash from local fans. Most of them expressed their disgust towards the couple. Some of them also compared the actress to a spoiled brat by using words such as ‘gedik’ as well as ‘mengada-ngada’.

However, some even assured the 27-year-old that it’s totally fine to act that way sometimes, but pointed out that she has to know her boundaries. Here are some netizens’ comments towards the post:


Ruhainies updated her fans with another tweet to address the issue. In the tweet, she gave out a list of clarification to all the “bitter” netizens out there, “First of all, chill out and clean up your hearts. Secondly, to all the bitter guys: How do you treat your girlfriends as well as your wives? Thirdly, to all the bitter girls: I don’t even eat with your boyfriend. LOL.”

“Fourth, I was not eating in your car. Last but not least, have you guys not attempt any crazy things together?” she added in her post. She also further shared another post, expressing that she found most of the comments entertaining and funny to read.

For those who are curious, here are her tweets:

Based on her update above, Ruhainies seems to be unbothered with all the rude comments left by local fans online.

Sources: mStar, Gempak.

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