Fans of Tealive have been expressing confusion over the news that the popular bubble tea chain is non-halal.

However, JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) has came out with an official statement to address the issue. It’s confirmed that the rumours are not true.


The news has been circulating mainly on WhatsApp. The lengthy text message claimed that all of their drinks contain alcohol and porcine ingredients.

In JAKIM’s clarification post, they denied all reports claiming that Tealive is non-halal. They also added that the food & beverage premises operated by Loob Integrated Sdn Bhd is a legitimate bearer of the legitimate Malaysia Halal Confirmation Certificate (SPHM).

Additionally, JAKIM also advised the public to be more cautious before disseminating any informations without consulting with expert authorities. This is to avoid fake news from spreading around. They also pointed out that users should be more informative and wise so that they will not fall under false assumptions.

The Facebook post was also reposted by Tealive Asia on their Facebook page. In their recent update, they expressed their gratitude for JAKIM on their quick actions on shutting down the rumour.

To find out if a food or beverage premise is certified halal, you can visit Halal Malaysia’s official portal here. Aside from that, you can also download the Verify Halal app on your phone.

Source: JAKIM’s Facebook Page.

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