It appears that Gillian Chung’s (鍾欣桐) marriage to Michael Lai (賴弘國) has come under the spotlight due to a 3rd party.

A netizen on Weibo recently caused quite a stir when the stranger accused Gillian’s 30-year-old husband of having an affair. Turns out it was a false alarm. What goes around though, comes right back around…


The Weibo user stirred the pot when he claimed that the Taiwanese doctor was cheating on 38-year-old singer while she was away for work. The person even showed the receipts to prove that alleged affair was “real”.

The “evidence” showed a screen capture of Michael had followed a popular Taiwanese Instagram star Ning Chao (趙寧寧), but quickly unfollowed her when he got called out. There was even a snapshot of him looking flushed during a Facetime session as well as some private direct messages.

After news portals had caught wind of this supposed scandal, word spread like wildfire. Gillian took to her social media to address the rumour, insisting that it is based on falsehood and maintained that her husband is a loyal man. Her beau also echoed her sentiments online.

Not long after, Weibo user TanGuo_ issued a public apology to the married couple and Ning Chao for dragging her into the mess. He confessed that he was unaware that the female influencer was actually a patient at Michael’s clinic.

Gillian Chung

In response, Michael has stated that his lawyer will be taking action against the culprit for damaging his reputation.

Source: Asia One.

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