The ongoing dispute between Goo Hye Sun (구혜선) and former husband Ahn Jae Hyun (안재현) has shocked K-fans worldwide.

Recently, the “Boys Over Flowers” actress revealed the real reason for their divorce. It’s because the model-turned-actor was caught having an affair with another actress.

Source: Instagram

In her latest post on Instagram, the actress-film director addressed the issue on recent reports about Dispatch spilling about the text messages between the 2 since September 2018 up until the present day.


The translation of her caption of her Instagram post reads as follows:

“The results of the Dispatch forensics? I’ve changed my handphone three times in this year alone. 

The exact reason to why we are divorcing is because of Ahn Jae Hyun’s extramarital affair. A drama actress he is currently filming with and having an affair with came to our house so many times, I was confused and wondered if I could still trust him.

My heart aches upon realising that someone who was too busy to text or call me properly would always be smiling and laughing while sending KakaoTalk messages with that actress. So I still need some time to sort out my feelings.

(I have pictures from his computer during our marriage. The pictures show him eating late night snacks with the actress at a hotel, both wearing gowns. I’ll submit it to the court as evidence.)”

Source: KapanLagi

On 18th August 2019 (Sunday), the 34-year-old revealed through Instagram that both her and her former “Blood” co-star were reportedly in talks of divorcing. Additionally, she revealed to her followers about her plans on preserving the marriage. However, Ahn decided to not continue with the marriage.

Both of the posts were later deleted.

Sources: Koreaboo, Soompi.

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