Famous singer, Siti Nurhaliza recently commented on the recent issue regarding the price of her bicycle tyre that went viral among the internet community this past week.

One of the netizens voiced out his opinion comparing the price of the tyres to the price of a Proton Saga car. Check out his tweet below:

Source: Twitter
Source: RotiKaya

As a response, the 40-year-old performer revealed that she decided to stay mum and ignore about what the cybernauts have claimed.


In an interview with Awani, she clarified that all of the things she has today is a result of her dedication in the music industry, “For those who have already involved in this field (cycling), they already know which type is good and which one’s lighter. About the issue of netizens ‘digging’ the price, I can’t avoid them because the public as well as fans will witness everything – what am I wearing, what I am eating, what am I doing etc.”

“But one thing I know is all of these things are not just for fun and games but it’s actually a product of hard work,” she added during the session.

Source: YOY Network

The “Anta Permana” star also added that all of the equipment is actually managed by her husband, Datuk Khalid Jiwa – known as Datuk K in short.

“Datuk K is passionate when it comes to transports like cars, motorbikes and even bicycles. He will take the initiative to enhance and modify the vehicles. In fact, I will just leave it all to Datuk K when it comes to managing my bike. As far as I know, when I’m cycling, the tyre feels light.”

Source: Instagram

Prior to this, local netizens expressed their surprise upon knowing the price of her Richard Mille watch that is worth half a million.

Source: RotiKaya.

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