YB Hannah Yeoh has elevated her approach in tackling social issues to a brand new level.

In her Twitter account, she posted a 30-second video on tips on how to handle out-of-wedlock pregnancy. The video was described by the Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community as an effort made by the government to address as well as to create awareness on baby dumping issue.

Source: The Star

The video clip highlights a few methods on what we can do as a community. You can seek help from your family and trusted acquaintances, calling the 24-hour Talian Kasih line at 15999 and also use the Kafe Teen app to reach out for professional help from doctors and counsellors.

The short visual also highlights that mothers with out-of-wedlock child are “not alone” and urge them to reach out for assistance. YB Hannah added that the commercial will be played on 282 screens in all TGV Cinemas (35 locations) across Malaysia in an effort to increase the citizens’ awareness on the social issue.

Source: Facebook

We hope the video will be able to help in encouraging mothers with a child out-of-wedlock to seek for guidance.

Source: Malaysiakini.

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