Is Lindsay Lohan finally ready to make her music comeback?

The 33-year-old Hollywood starlet has been dropping hints on Instagram since May when she uploaded photos of herself in the studio. A snippet of the brand new song recently leaked online and fans can’t get enough of it.

Source: Variety

“The Kris Fade Show” on Virgin Radio Dubai was responsible for debuting the teaser for Lohan’s “Xanax”. The host explained that the track is “about anxiety and pressure and just taking care of yourself. And I think that’s really, really cool. I think there’s a really cool message behind it“.


Guess what guys? The EDM-tinged club song is a real banger!

When you kiss me, I can’t breathe. I try to stay away from you but you get me high. Only person in this town that I like. Guess I can take one more trip for the night, just for the night,” Lohan sings on the track. “Only one reason I came here. Too many people, I can’t hear. Damn, I got here at 10.”

Listen to it here:

Here are 2 of our favourite music videos from Lohan, back in the day:

Source: People.



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