Many people have dreamed of being taken under the wing of Wang LeeHom (王力宏). So imagine Nicole Lai (赖淞凤)’s delight when the music genius turned his chair around for her.

Nicole, who hails from Kepong, took part in the 4th season of reality singing competition, “Sing! China” (中国好声音). Just like “The Voice”, the coach will only turn their chair for the hopefuls they want on their team.

Source: WoB/Star2

The 30-year-old Malaysian delivered a rendition of Guo Ding (郭頂)’s “Bao Liu” (保留). It wasn’t until the last second when LeeHom pressed his red button. “I started to feel disappointed at myself. I thought it was the end of the journey,” Nicole told Star2. “He saved me!


According to the publication, the local singer is no stranger to singing competitions. The Kepong native has previously won local Chinese singing contest “Astro Star Quest” in 2012. She later represented our country in Taiwan’s “Million Star”.

Since she has already released 2 Mandarin EPs, why join another reality show? “I don’t see it as a singing competition but as a good opportunity to gain experience in China. It’s good to learn from production crews, musicians and coaches who are from a different environment,” Nicole told the newspaper.

She added, “‘Sing! China’ invited me to join the show in previous seasons but I couldn’t participate due to a scheduling conflict. This year, the show’s production team invited me again and I was ready.”

Watch her blind audition below plus LeeHom’s commentary on why he wanted her on his team:

Nicole recalled that she was the last contestant to go up on stage that day after waiting from morning till night time. “It challenges you both physically and mentally. You need to always be ready and be at your best to face whatever situation comes your way. The production team may ask you to sing a certain song and you must be able to learn the song quickly,” she shared.

If you follow the TV show, you’d know that the outcome is often unpredictable. Does she has a strategy in advancing further? “I don’t see music as something competitive. I believe music is a subjective. I just want to do my best and enjoy the moment,” she confessed.


The Malaysian has described LeeHom as “a very nice, sincere, talented and passionate artiste” whose advice to her is to “never stop learning and enjoy the music.”

Here are some of her previous music videos:

All the best Nicole 😉

Source: Star2.

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