Shopee has just announced Portugal football player, Cristiano Ronaldo as a brand new ambassador for their brand.

The 34-year-old player was selected in conjunction with their latest online promotion, the 9.9 Super Shopping Day sale, which kicked off today (Monday 19th August 2019) and will continue until 8th September 2019 (Sunday).

Source: Shopee

However, the one thing that stole the spotlight would be the promotional video of the campaign, starring Ronaldo himself. One of the interesting parts in the video is when the Juventus star’s iconic “Siii” catchphrase is replaced with the sound of “Shopee” coming from the crowd’s phone. He also shows off his skills dancing to the Shopee song towards the end of the video as well.


Netizens have been amused with Ronaldo’s acting in the ad. Most fans are surprised when he showed off his humorous side of himself. Some say that it is a departure from his well-known competitive persona on the field.

Apart from that, some even assumed that the Shopee team offered the player a considerable amount of money that made him agree to take part in the project. Check out the full video of the ad, and also local netizens’ reactions below:

Now, the whole world’s already aware of this ongoing campaign. We believe the Shopee team deserves kudos for going out of the box with their promotion this time around.?


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