Sharnaaz Ahmad is known among locals as someone very straightforward and vocal when it comes to his opinions.

Recently, he shared with his fans his condolences following the recent news of Irish teen Nora Quoirin’s death. In his recent post on his Instagram account, he posted a black and white picture of the late Nora.

Source: Instagram

In the post, he also expressed his regrets and hopes that the perpetrator must die and be tortured before being sentenced to death. His post has garnered a considerable amount of reactions among his followers.


Additionally, Sharnaaz also discussed his objections towards the governments’ proposal to abolish capital punishment in Malaysia. The 34-year-old actor makes himself clear that the involved authorities should not bring up the topic. In his post, he also wrote that it is “impossible” for the government to carry on with that decision.

For those who might not know, the government is currently proposing to abolish death penalties in Malaysia. Taken from a news reported by Berita Harian, the proposal received a huge amount of backlash among NGOs and also family members of the deceased victims, stating that it will be unfair for those who lost their family members to irresponsible parties.

Source: Malay Mail

What do you think of this case? Do you agree with Sharnaaz’s request for the government to reconsider the idea of abolishing death sentences? Share with us your thoughts.

Source: Hangat.

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