F4 heartthrob Jerry Yan (言承旭) is currently one of Asia’s most eligible bachelors. But is he still single though?

Ever since Chiling Lin (林志玲) tied the knot with Japanese star Akira, the 42-year-old Taiwanese star has been linked with 2 famous women. One of them is rising Taiwanese celebrity, Amber An (安心亞).

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Rumours first surfaced in July when Jerry and Amber were spotted getting cosy at a mutual friend’s wedding. Several onlookers claimed that the former F4 member was caught sniffing her hair. The 33-year-old actress has since denied the TMI allegations, saying, “Everyone was having a good time and just being friendly with one another”.


Amber revealed that she and Jerry were introduced to each other two years ago because they shared the same fitness coach. “We would run into each other every now and then but we never kept in touch. I don’t even have his phone number! And I’ve been so busy with work lately that I haven’t had time to go to the gym,” she previously said.

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Another woman on netizen’s radar is his young co-star Shen Yue (沈月). Both of them are attached to the romance drama titled “The Exchange Luck”.

Former-actress-turned-psychic Shen Rong (沈嶸) recently shared her two cents on the women. She claimed that Amber is “totally not his type” while the 20-year age gap between Jerry and Shen Yue proves to be a problem. Shen Rong feels that Jerry already has his eyes on someone, but wants to keep it private.

Source: Jayne Stars.

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