Music festivals are probably one of the more fun activities to bond with friends over. After all, what could be better than jamming out to a bunch of artists from all across the globe, drinks in hand, under a sky of stars in the chilly Highlands over a weekend, right? Well if what we just described sounded awfully familiar, read on!

Good Vibes Festival 2019 was in full swing as usual last weekend at The Ranch in Resorts World Genting. Held from 20th to 21st of July, the festival brought its usual round of both local and international acts from far and wide to perform for two nights of musical bliss.


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A weekend of refreshed vibes await. Take in all the sights and sounds of Good Vibes Festival with a refreshing bottle of Strongbow Apple Ciders. Get refreshed at the Star Club. #StrongbowMY #RefreshedVibes

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Strongbow Apple Ciders recently invited us along for a new take on Good Vibes; with a complete VIP treatment to elevate our experience of the gig. With accommodations sorted at GLAMZ, Strongbow aimed to bring together friends to relax and recharge before enjoying the weekend off at the festival. The beloved cider brand had also just revamped their design, just in time to show off their new #OOTD at GVF!

Without further ado, here are 5 ways how Strongbow elevated the entire Good Vibes experience, making us feel the #RefreshedVibes instead.

1. Tip-top hospitality

One does not simply leave without an empty stomach, or so the saying goes. Before departing for our weekend getaway, a hearty brunch at The Social at Publika was to be attended first. Over chatters of excitement and glasses of chilled Strongbow, time seemed to slip away rather quickly. The next thing we knew, we were being whisked away into top-notch chauffeur services. With our luggage in the back and our bellies full, sleep seemed to have snuck upon us as we made our way into the mountains of Genting.


2. Glamping at GLAMZ

The Strongbow team certainly did pamper their guests like gods. Upon arrival at GLAMZ, the clean choice of white decor was one of the first things that greeted us, along with the crisp, chilly air of Genting. Being a glamorous take on camping, we were rather impressed with what we were seeing. The many dome-shaped tents could be seen from the entrance, which got us rather excited about what’s in store. A glass of freshly poured Strongbow was served to us as we registered for our tent, giving us the chance to hydrate before heading towards our place.

GLAMZ delivered the whole experience; complete with breakfast in bed and even a hot tub to sink in at night. We personally enjoyed the healthy breakfast which consisted of granola bars, muesli, yogurt, fresh fruits, milk, and apple juice. After all, it’s nothing like eating good that makes you feel good!

 3. Good Vibes preparations 

Good Vibes Festival is not just something one attends out of the blue. Preparations are required; both mentally and physically. Luckily for us, the Strongbow team knew better and equipped us all with a GVF ready goodie bag. A raincoat, shoe covers, mosquito repellent, an electric hand-fan, and wet tissues were a few of the necessities that were graciously packed into complementary Strongbow tote bags. With those slung over our shoulders, we walked into the festival feeling a lot more prepared than usual! 

With the heat of the sun shining down in all its glory onto us festival-goers, thirst eventually found its way creeping from the back of our throats. After whooping and singing along to the music acts, it’s almost impossible to not find yourself clambering up the steps of Star Club to get a drink. Strongbow gave each of us plenty of drink tickets to keep ourselves quenched regardless, so watching Joji perform while slinging back iced apple ciders was more than an enjoyable experience.

4. Recharging before Round 2 of GVF

After the adrenaline rush of Day 1 at GVF, most of us were completely drained out. However, it seems that the Strongbow team had foreseen this, as a wonderful brunch was planned out for us to enjoy prior to the festival. A gorgeous spread of a Western brunch stretched from one corner of the room to the other; featuring cold cuts, smoked salmon, grilled chicken, lamb shish-kebabs, oysters, and prawns to name a few. Desserts of tarts, cream puffs, and blueberry mousses were also lined up tall for us to sample. 

Once lunch was settled with, it was revealed that there was also a hair and makeup booth, complete with massage services ready for attendees to completely pamper themselves before heading back out into the electric fields of Good Vibes. One of our writers tried out the hair services for herself, and we must say she looks rather dashing in her new do!

Overall, Strongbow’s help went a long way when it came to tackling the unexpected at Good Vibes Festival. From being sorted out at the bar, to ensuring we kept our footwear pristine, and even providing the best glamping stay—it seems that their thoughtful staff managed to think of everything to make our time enjoyable at the gig.

The experience was almost as refreshing as a swig of the cider itself; leaving you with a slightly fizzy feeling and definitely with a smile of satisfaction on your face.

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