Rihana Oksana Petra’s recent divorce with Kelantanese King, Sultan Muhammad V is as shocking and sudden as her wedding news.

Though both parties have yet to release any official statement, a divorce paper registered on 1st July, has surfaced, showing that the Russian beauty queen has been divorced by triple talak.


However, Rihana’s lawyer Evgeny Tarlo, 61 defended the 26-year-old’s marital status, claiming that she is still married to the Malaysian ruler as she hasn’t receive any official paperwork on the divorce.

“Oksana married for love and is still married,” Tarlo said as quoted by the Daily Mail. “Divorce is just talk, from a yellowish (scandalous) media. We have no official papers. We do not know anything.”

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Nevertheless, Tarlo did admit that Rihana’s marriage to the king was on the rocks due to political intrigues among the elite in Malaysia.


One of Rihana’s friends, Tatyana Andreeva told Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda that Rihana was already divorced when she arrived in Russia for a beauty contest on 26th June.

This would make sense since the divorce certificate stated that the procedure took place on 22nd June in Singapore.

“She came to this contest as an already divorced woman. Now she is in Moscow,” Andreeva said as quoted.

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It is said that Rihana currently staying with her son and mother in a country house provided by Sultan Muhammad V near Moscow.

“He helps her, yes. He sends money, she lives at his expense. I cannot name the amount, but it is enough to live on. In Moscow, she and her mother rent an apartment and a country house. They have security,” said Tarlo.

“So far the question is not about the money, but if it arises, I will defend Oksana’s interests and the interests of her young child.”

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“I do not deal with divorce, because there is no divorce as of today. There are no documents. I am engaged in defending the interests of Oksana, defending her from attacks of the media,” he added.

“Oksana married for love and is still married, she did not file any documents for divorce. She gave birth to a child in Moscow, in a maternity hospital of the (Russian) presidential administration. Understand, she is a nursing mother.”

“In this position she should be protected from stress. She will call (the ex-king) and they will solve this issue between them in a family circle.”


Despite Rihana’s postings on Instagram and her lawyer’s statement, the Palace of Kelantan has vehemently denied most of her claims. The public are advised to not believe everything they read on social media and take it with a grain of salt.

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