Malaysia’s first and original DAFNI straightening ceramic hair brushes are finally available in Malaysia thanks to Visionary Solutions Sdn Bhd.

Officially launched yesterday at Bangsar Shopping Centre, the innovative product is set to create a new wave of hair styling routine in Malaysia with 5 new models – DAFNI classic, DAFNI black, DAFNI allure, DAFNI go, DAFNI rose go.


“Designed with a patented 3D Ceramic Technology, DAFNI brushes are equipped with a unique heat element that provides uniform heat distribution at a consistent temperature of 185°C, the optimal temperature for styling while ensuring no damage comes to your hair,” explained Ms. Lim Pei Yan, Executive Director of Visionary Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

Invented for the classic fast-paced urbanite lifestyle, here are some of the hair brushes’ cool features.

  • Able to reach its optimal heat level in less than one minute.
  • DAFNI go and limited-edition DAFNI rose go come with a detachable cord for easy packing.
  • DAFNI allure, the first ever cordless, portable ceramic hairbrush that can style up to 3 heads in just one charge.
  • Comes with safety features such as the auto shut-down system, which turns off after 15 minutes of non-usage.
  • Equipped with high-end heat resistant insulation that is also used by the U.S Army and NASA.
  • Suitable for all types of hair; curly, straight, or frizzy.
  • Features anti-static outer bristle that reduces hair flyaways, maintaining a sleek and smooth hairstyle.

“DAFNI black and DAFNI allure are a wonder for everyday styling. It is highly effective and all it takes is less than 5 minutes of smooth brushing and you can walk out the door as if you’ve just come out of the salon,” elaborated Datin Winnie.

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CONTINUED FROM LAST POST. Sharon, the inventor of DAFNI®️ spent 3 years researching and developing her product because she HATED spending too much time styling her hair in the morning (don’t we all?) 😒. The first DAFNI®️ Ceramic brush (that I own) was introduced to the world through a self-made video of Sharon brushing her own (om gere) hair and within 24 hours, the video had clocked up more than 100 million views and made her an overnight sensation. DAFNI’s patented 3D technology has high-end heat resistant insulation material used by NASA and remains a constant optimum temperature of 185C.This makes it 8 times more powerful and faster than flat irons. The unique surface allows 10 times more hair to be straightened in a single stroke than regular straightening irons. I usually wash my hair the night before, so it is dry by the time I want to style it the next day. Just brush through and voila! Now with the all-new Curved Core™️ Technology , I can get closer to my roots (that’s my curliest bits) to achieve maximum efficiency from roots to ends. What I like most about it, is that it still gives the “volume” – so my hair is not completely flat. I’ve got my eyes on the DAFNI®️ allure™️ as it is perfect for my travels. Different continents have different voltage – so the charger is multi voltage and the battery uses strong long-lasting batteries (same battery technology by TESLA), so it’s great for people on the go like me. It even comes with its own thermal bag and cover. Like it’s other “sister” models, it also has springy bristles so it won’t hurt/burn the scalp or your ears/ face (which normally happens with conventional straighteners if you’re not careful!). . Definitely a #PonsPick. #DAFNIMalaysia #DAFNIXperience #VisionaryAsia

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Having practicality and convenience, embodies at its core, DAFNI hair straitening ceramic brushes were created to adapt to our normal brushing routine, doting to create the perfect styling tool for both men and women around the world.

DAFNI hair straightening brushes are available at all A Cut Above and Harvey Norman outlets in Malaysia. For more information on DAFNI hair straightening ceramic brushes and Visionary Solutions Sdn. Bhd, visit

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