Thai beauty queen Coco Arayha Suparurk has recently ignited outrage on social media when she bodyshamed Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray.

The Thai queen has gained flak after sharing a story on her Instagram where she compared Catriona to Miss Grand International 2018 Clara Sosa from Paraguay, labelling Clara as ‘Fit’ while Catriona as ‘Fat’.

The hatred she received on social media was relentless, but that still didn’t stop her from winning title Miss Grand Thailand 2019 last weekend, and of course – the victory sparked more anger and hatred among netizens.

Furthermore, not only has she not apologise to Catriona even after receiving all those bad comments, she doesn’t seem to think that what she did – AKA bodyshaming – was wrong.

“I shared the photo of Clara because I’m jealous of her body and want it. I shared the truth and everyone hates me for it. Even when I upload a pretty picture of myself, there’s a thousand angry comments,” she said as quoted by Khaosodenglish.


“I shared the truth. I know she’s Miss Universe, but the picture just says it all,” she added.

“I just won the crown. Can’t you celebrate with me and be happy for me? I got the crown. Isn’t anyone happy for me at all?” Coco said to reporters who asked her bout the drama after she won.

“If you had followed my journey since the beginning, you would see that the drama is another matter. My skills can’t be overlooked.”

A few days ago Catriona indirectly addressed the whole bodyshaming in a Q&A session on Twitter.

“Bodyshaming is hurtful and should never be tolerated. If anyone reading this too has been bodyshamed, I know how it feels. I’m sorry you’ve had to experience that. But know that you are more than your appearance. You are a capable, unique and worthy person. And you are never alone,” she tweeted.

In a live interview, Coco revealed that she will only apologise to Catriona under one condition, “If Cat message me directly, I will apologise.” 

It’s already bad enough that Coco doesn’t seem to realise how bad of a role model she is, but what’s worse, even the owner of Miss Grand Thailand, Nawat Itsaragrisil has defended Coco in an interview, where he asked pageant fans to message the reigning Miss Universe 2018 to exercise more.

Coco beat out 76 other Thai contestants at Miss Grand Thailand 2019. She will represent her country at Miss Grand International 2019 in Caracas, Venezuela.


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