Yesterday (15th July), many Malaysians are shocked by the news on the sudden divorce between Rihana Oksana and Sultan Muhammad V.

The couple reportedly filed their divorce on 22nd June in Singapore which was officially registered on 1st July.

The secrecy behind the couple’s marriage and divorce have left many people confused as no official announcement was ever made.

As such, many netizens stormed to the Russian model’s Instagram page to question her about the divorce rumour, including Malaysian actress Yana Samsudin.

However, many netizens called out Yana’s action for intruding on other people’s privacy, asking her to mind her own business. Some people even blasted her for butting in on Fizo Omar and Mawar’s recent divorce.

While many people find Yana’s curiosity rude, others are annoyed because she called Rihana a “Queen” even though there is no official confirmation from the palace.


Nevertheless, the Kelantan Palace has released a statement today, which indirectly respond to the whole “Queen of Kelantan” issue.

“Nobody can be called Permaisuri Kelantan, Raja Perempuan Kelantan, Sultanah Kelantan or the ‘Queen of Kelantan’ without an official announcement from the Kelantan palace,” as quoted by FMT.

The statement comes after Rihana called her son “Tengku Mahkota Kelantan” as well as the future “Raja Kelantan” in one of her Instagram posts.

Meanwhile, one Instagram user who claimed to be a palace worker has revealed that Rihana and the former Agong have long separated since news about their relationship was revealed.

Though there’s no telling if the claims are true, we did notice that there’s not a single photo of Sultan Muhammad V together with his son or when Rihana was pregnant.

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