A Malaysian startup company known as Phuture Foods has raised major concern about the future of food industry as a lot of the factory farming of meat today did not undergo proper food processing procedure.

So to solve the issue, the Malaysian company has started to create a plant-based pork substitute as a solution to the pollution caused by large scale industrial farming that are both filthy and inhumane.

According to Tech Crunch, pork is reportedly in high demand especially in the Asian market. The local company plans to market their product to Hong Kong first, before heading to Singapore and Malaysia.

The foodstuff of the synthetic pork is said to mimic the taste and texture of pork, using a variety of plants, including wheat, shiitake mushrooms and mung beans. The company hopes that its synthetic meat will cost equal or lower than actual pork products.

It is also revealed that the synthetic pork is considered to be Halal as the foodstuff which is basically the raw material of food is 100 percent plant-based and also environmental friendly.

Apart from pork, the company is also exploring kosher certification, along with chicken and lamb substitutes.

Featured Image: Tech Crunch

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