The annual Tiffin Food Court is back for its third year run and is set to bring Malaysians a unique dining experience featuring a wide range of mouthwatering food choices from more than 60 local and regional vendors.

Set to take place for 6 weeks (Every Thursday to Sunday) from 25th July to 1st September 2019, Tiffin Food Court will feature a huge variety of modern cuisine that will definitely excite your taste buds and appetite!

“Tiffin Food Court kicks off this 25th July with a mouth-watering feast for your senses. Grab a plate and join us at the dinner table, where a delicious line-up of culinary offerings await you over the next six weeks,” read a statement on Tiffin’s website.

This year, the gastronomic fiesta seems to be separated into 5 different themes and corners; Chef’s Kitchen, Dessert Funhouse by U Mobile, Grub Hubs, Street Food Corner by Uncage, and Lounge by Disqovr.

The participating outlets for this year’s Tiffin include Ember Modern Bistro, Jibby & Co, Sitka, Jing Ze, Serai, Crème De La Crème, Namelaka, Tail & Fin, WhupWhup, Umami Boru, Casa Latina, Thyme Out, Nomi Tomo, and more!


Brought to you Freeform (the same guys behind Urbanscapes), Tiffin Food Court will return to The Warehouse (behind The Gasket Alley) from 5pm till late.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tiffin Food Court official website and social media.

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