American singer-songwriter Maggie Lindemann has revealed on social media that she was recently arrested for 5 days in Malaysia.

The 20-year-old singer who is most known for her hit “Pretty Girl”, shared her experience which she described as “living hell”.

Lindemann performed in Malaysia at The Bee, Publika on 21st June 2019, but midway through her set, she was arrested and confined in Malaysian jail. After she and her crew were released, they returned home to the US.

Because of the arrest, Lindemann is unable to finish her Asia tour where she was scheduled to perform at Vietnam and Singapore.

“I was so excited to see and meet all of you but unfortunately I was unable to finish the tour,” she wrote.

“I have been advised not to say more at this time, but thank you for the kind words and concern. I love you and I hope to be back soon,” she added.

It has been reported that Lindemann was arrested because she did not have a proper visit pass during her performance.

“She was arrested for not having a professional visit pass at the time of the performance,” said Kuala Lumpur Immigration Department director Hamidi Adam as quoted by The Star.

“She was then detained at Jalan Duta (Immigration KL office) for documentation purposes and was released with bail the next day,” he said.

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