Back in April this year, up and coming Malaysian actor Shah Radhi Hazfee received tons of backlash when he expressed his plan to open a halal pub.

Of course, his idea didn’t sit well with the Muslim netizens and had been receiving overwhelming criticism on social media.


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Sekali pandang ok laa. Dua kali pandang dm tepi datang pub halal nnti ? ..

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But despite the negative response, the 23-year-old actor has decided to proceed with his plan as he told Gempak recently.

“I want to open a halal pub to attract youngsters who like to hangout at pubs which serve alcoholic drinks,” he said. “I have already gone to these pubs to do some research and I found that most of these youngsters went to these places just to hang out and enjoy the ‘vibes’.”

“So, with the opening of my halal pub, I can still retain the ‘vibes’ of a pub without serving any alcoholic drink. At least, it can prevent youngsters from drinking alcohols,” he added.

Do you agree with his statement?

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