In conjunction with World Chocolate Day 2019, KitKat Malaysia is introducing a new, limited edition flavour of its beloved chocolate-covered wafer, the KitKat Popcorn!

The new confection is a new addition to all the unique KitKat flavours that were previously introduced in the Malaysian market such as KitKat Green Tea, KitKat Duo Teh Tarik, and KitKat Rose Bandung.


With a luscious sweet and savoury combination of smooth milk chocolate, dusted with crusty salted caramel flakes, encasing layers of freshly baked crisp wafer with salted caramel popcorn praline, the new flavour is sure to be a hit amongst KitKat fans!

“Popcorn has become an emerging trend globally in Malaysia. Consumers not only indulge in a bucket of popcorn at the cinemas but also in the comfort of their homes with family and friends while watching their favourite TV series,” said Sachin Goel, Business Executive Officer for Confectionary Business Unit (ASEAN Markets), Nestle Malaysia.

The new KitKat Popcorn is now available in a single 2-Finger and Multipack of 5 at various retails stores across Malaysia at the price of RM1.50 and RM6.50, respectively.

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