After the scandal between Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) and Andy Hui (許志安) broke out, both artists seem to have been losing a lot of jobs – Wong in particular.

Many of her shows has either been cancelled, suspended or reshot, to remove her completely due to her tarnished image.


However, she may continue to appear in one of TVB’s major productions “Finding Her Voice” (牛下女高音) which has been confirmed by TV producer Wong Wai Sing (黃偉聲) that it won’t be reshot.

The series was initially scheduled to be reshot with actress Kaman Kong (江嘉敏) replacing Wong’s role. However, the plan has been reconsidered due to many factors.

Producer Wong explained that since Jacqueline Wong has a leading role in the drama, removing the scenes which features her would mean reshooting the entire 30 episodes of the series.

Furthermore, he said that some scenes can’t be reshot as some of the locations used in the series are currently going through some renovations.

He also noted that it was difficult to arrange and accommodate the different schedules of the actors within a short period of time and fit their time together for reshooting.

It is not known if “Finding Her Voice” will be officially released as it is one of the major productions to mark TVB’s 52nd anniversary. Producer Wong said he would leave that decision to the company management.


Source: The Straits Times

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