Remember a few years, an Indonesian designer demonstrated her love for Indonesia’s home-grown brand Indomie and created a purse inspired from the instant noodle?

Well now, you can pair off the purse with this Indomie-inspired Nike Air Jordan sneakers, which were designed by another Indomie lovers called Mr. Simply Custom, a 23-year-old sneaker artist from Indonesia who currently based in Singapore.

The colourful fan design of the Air Jordan 1 Yin Yang took the social media by storm with its bright colours consisting largely of red, yellow and green the 3 main colours featured on Indomie’s fried noodle plastic wrap.

Officially dubbed as the Jordan 1 Indomie Custom, the kicks also feature Nike’s iconic swoosh logo, Indomie logo and a text that read “Micin Generation”, with “Micin” stands for monosodium glutamate aka MSG.

According to The Jakarta Post, the text is also a reference to the popular internet meme that pokes fun at the millennials’ affinity for Indomie’s liberal use of MSG in its dry seasoning powder.

Mr. Simply Custom is the online alias of Jonathan “Jonas” Gustana, an Indonesian university graduate based in Singapore who was inspired to design the Indomie-themed sneakers from a Photoshop photo he saw online.

“For the Indomie custom design, I was actually inspired by a Photoshop rendition posted by @arifwhy on Instagram a week ago. I merely brought his design to life,” Jonas told daily, adding that he asked @arifwhy’s permission to use the design.

“I’ve received orders from people around the globe who are familiar and obsessed with Indomie, including those living in the United States, Thailand and Singapore,” he said.

Though the shoes are not really for sale, Jonas said that he will be creating 20 Jordan 1 Indomie Customs for sneaker heads and fans of Indomie instant noodle.

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