By end of June 2019, residents in Cyberjaya will be able to enjoy a super food delivery service where the food will be sent right at your doorsteps via drones.

Called “Express Food”, food delivery will be carried out by 6-propeller drones manufactured by Average Drone Sdn Bhd, a local company involved in the drone industry since 2014.


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The service is in collaboration with Futurise which is managed by Cyberview, a subsidiary firm under the Finance Ministry.

According to the CEO of the company, Hamdee Hamdan, it would take only 12 minutes for the food to be delivered once an order is placed, and the delivery charges would cost RM2.50 per trip.

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There will be a 3-month trial period for the food delivery service, and the food would be delivered within a 2-kilometre distance from Futurise building in Cyberjaya.

For now, only 7 types of food would be offered during the trial period, including noodles, rice, burgers, sandwiches, ‘kuih’ and fruit. Each drone will be able to accommodate a weight of up to 800g.

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“This is only a test run and after three months we will see how it goes and add on more dishes on the menu,” said Hamdee as quoted by Bernama.

The company had also developed a mobile application that was still in the final draft, to facilitate customers to order their food.


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“It is not so much about the price, it is all also about the time frame since many want quick delivery. We have developed the drone so that it could be flown during the rain, but not in situations when there is heavy rain,” he said.

According to Hamdee, if the response is good, the company plan to modify each drone to accommodate a weight of up 3kg.

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