Singapore’s cinema chain Golden Village recently introduced a limited edition Hello Kitty combo set, and people have been rushing to the cinemas to get their hands on the merchandise!

Now, Thailand’s cinema chain Major Cineplex have decided to come up with something similar by releasing a Pikachu combo set that comes with a super adorable Pikachu popcorn bucket and collectible Pokemon cup.

Similar to the Hello Kitty popcorn bucket, the Pikachu bucket comes with an adjustable logo strap you can carry over your body. Also, the bucket looks moderately large enough to hold your other essentials such as phone or purse so you can use it as an everyday crossbody bag!

Furthermore, you may not need to travel all the way to Thailand to get the merchandise, because MIX Convenient Store has announced that they will be selling the combo set in limited quantity, so get your hands on them before it runs out of stock!

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Back in May, MIX have also introduced an adorable Detective Pikachu water tumbler and lunch box. So if you’re a high fan of Pikachu, collect them all!


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