Malaysians are rather familiar with the delightful classic of ‘kek batik’ but this baker takes it literally with her craft!

Keem Ooi is a self-taught baker who puts a Malaysian twist to her baked goods, pictured here with her Swiss rolls! Look at that intricate batik design on the cakes… however make no mistake, this isn’t kek batik though! 😉


What turned out to be a humble Raya gift to her Muslim friends went viral on social media once netizens caught sight of the masterpiece! Imagine being able to have a slice of that along with your Raya food spread… we are just drooling at the thought of it!

Being self-taught, passion and talent are Keem’s only driving forces when it comes to baking. Despite only being a side gig, we can clearly see from her many works on her Instagram page (@keempossible) that the amount of effort she puts in is no slice of cake!

What are your thoughts on the literal Batik cake? After looking at all of these, we decided that we absolutely loaf everything that Keem puts out!

Guess we’ll be kneading more from her…. 😉

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