Hong Kong actor, film director, scriptwriter and producer, Lee Siu-kei (李兆基) has died of liver cancer yesterday (2nd June) at the age of 69.

His death has been confirmed by fellow actor Louis Koo (古天乐), who is also the president of the non-profit Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild.


Lee passed away in Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The actor had been battling with liver cancer since November 2018.

Apart from being an actor and filmmaker, Lee was also a triad member and had served as consultant for many Hong Kong triad movies.

Source: Xuan

Earlier this year, Lee reportedly married his 58-year-old girlfriend who had been with him for more than 30 years.


Lee previously starred in “God of Gamblers II”, “Fist of Fury 1991”, “Young and Dangerous” series, “God of Cookery”, The Storm Riders”, “King of Comedy”, and more.

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