Former trainee of SM Entertainment Kang Junyoung has wrote a shocking status on his Weibo account, shocking many of his fans and followers.

Since all of his social media accounts are private, his fans have screenshot the post and shared it all around social media, hoping that someone can help him.

The post read “I want to die. I don’t want to wake up. I’m sorry for all of you. It’s really hard. Bye,” accompanied with a cross image.

A few minutes later, he put up another status, “I hope come on a good day when we can meet again. Thank you and I’m sorry and I love you. I want to rest,” he then signed the post off with today’s date and his name.

For those of you who may not know, Junyoung was an SM trainee who was supposed to debut with Super Junior but got replaced by Ryeowook at the very last minute due to some reason.

During Super Junior pre-debut showcase, many fans believed that Kang Junyoung was the member wearing the white hoodie at the dance performance.


Fans have made his posts viral all around social media, tagging another former member of Super Junior, Han Geng and several Christian organisations in hope that one of them can help him.

According to Sina, Junyoung has deleted the previous statuses and his latest updates suggest that he is fine. “Stop calling me and my friends and stop sending messages. Please. I’m sorry. Let’s just stop whatever is happening right now. Good night.”

“I’m sorry I worried you all. I will grit my teeth and hold on. Thank you. I am really not alone. Thank you all,” then he proceeded to delete all of his posts on Weibo.

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