Having officially divorced with his ex-wife Bella Astillah, Singaporean singer-actor Aliff Aziz has finally updated his Instagram with a new post that is not a product review.

For the first time since his scandals went viral, he finally opened the comments section of his latest post to allow fans and netizens to pour out their heart and thoughts on his behaviour.


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In life you never lose. Either you win or you learn.

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“In life you never lose. Either you win or you learn,” he said in his post which has now gotten more than 60 thousand likes.

Though there are a few negative comments, most of them are positive and encouraging with many wishing that Aliff will learn his lesson and turn over a new leaf.

Aliff, who admitted that he deeply regrets his action, took time to reply most of the comments (even the negative ones) with positive replies.

With everything that has happened to him, we do hope that it serves as a valuable lesson not only to Aliff but also to everyone else.

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